Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Only Connect (Spanish Steps Candid), Rome [Film Scan]

Another of the decade old film scans, and one which I really like despite numerous flaws and compositional chaos. There are so many elements and stray people that I would now days delete it for, but I find it carries a certain charisma.

To me, at least, it has the impression of a "join the dots" puzzle with the numbers deleted. So many of the odd elements seem to be interacting, although the why and how are somehow missing. I enjoy the way the scale seems wrong too, especially the girl, the Mercedes and the couple between them. The father's missing head and mother's turned back appear somehow meaningful too. There are just two elements I actively dislike, indicated by notes above.

Perhaps it's just nostalgia or an overlooking of fact, but imperfect or otherwise I really like it and hope you can forgive its flaws and enjoy it too! If not, no offense taken! Hope you're all well and enjoying the week.